Shen feels like his kit is lacking

after playing him for a few games i can help but feel like something is missing/hollow about his character and that mostly comes from two things. One is due to the ridiculous amount of benefits shen gets for building health as opposed to any other stat and because of this it really forces him down a narrow build path if you want to play him optimally. the second thing is that the basic ability that feels the most powerful in his kit is his e which does not feel good even when used correctly and is frustrating to play against. I think that his ult and his q are the most interesting and distinguished things about Shens new kit and that hitting your q (his bread and butter and most interesting skill)should have a little more than just a slow associated with the initial proq. My suggestion would be something as simple as adding "when the q passes through an enemy champion it applies %slow and shens attack dmg and on hit effects" this could make the process of hitting your q feel slightly more rewarding as well as opening up another effective build path to shen other than just full tank. (it doesn't have to be his attack damage could just be a low base dmg that scaled with ad or even ap) as a side note i would really love to see the ad version personally, the new shen model does a great job personifying a kick ass ninja/assassin fantasy and it feels wrong for him to have his amazing auto animation used exclusively on last hitting minions and towers.
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