[Air Client + League Client Update] Nexus Siege is now enabled for testing!

Hello Summoners! RGM is here with our second mode, finally implemented in the New Client! Woohoo! Some known issues with the queue: - Nexus Siege's mode title does not show up currently :C So it has a blank name. But I promise, it's Nexus Siege! - The 'Nexus Siege Empty Slot' spell in Champion Select has a broken image/description. But luckily, you don't equip spells there :3 so it shouldn't be an issue. - End of Game Screen does not currently show custom stats. :( This will likely not be fixed for this round of Nexus Siege in LCU, but we hope to fix it going forward. Everything else for Nexus Siege should work! We did some work implementing the new Champions (Ivern, Talon, etc) as well as some bug fixes from previous rounds of Nexus Siege! If you find any issues, feel free to drop a comment here or report it via the [Report A Bug Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/) ! Happy hunting, Summoners! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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