Greetings summoners! Ekko is about to crash onto the PBE and we need your help! This thread is the place to hit us with your Ekko feedback. What's fun about him? What about him sucks to play against? Does a spell feel bad to use or unresponsive? Why is that? Is he missing something? Does he have too much of something? DOES HE FEEL SMART? Whatever is on your mind. Let us hear it. I'll be reading this thread daily and trying to respond with my thoughts as I can. Just know that the final weeks before release are pretty hectic so I may go silent at times. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I'M NOT READING THIS THREAD. Also, I'll be posting any changelists we come up with as we balance him over his stay on the PBE so watch this thread for updates. DO NOT POST BUGS HERE. RIOTSIMBA IS RUNNING A BUG REPORT THREAD HERE:

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