(Ryze) How are we supposed to build him now?

Frozen Heart has long been a staple item on ryze because many people believe that his mana scaling is much better than his ap scaling but with 30% cdr from his ult it seems much less efficient to build cdr on ryze anymore to replace spirit visage is fairly simple with banshees veil, although your trading a healing increase passive for a spell shield passive, but there isn't a very good option for what to build instead of frozen heart. I feel like the only options are a. completely waste the cdr stat b. sacrifice damage,tankiness,and extra mana or c. switch to a more traditional ap build in which case your still potentially losing damage and definitely losing tankiness and mana. I mean wasting 10% cdr isn't the biggest problem in the world but it seems much less efficient and his build paths don't seem as health anymore.
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