Riot, we love AP bruiser Singed but Singed is more squishy now!

I am glad Riot makes the right move for Singed. However there are several issues Riot yet to have resolved, which is also discourage people from building AP bruiser. # 1. **Singed damage is not impactful in teamfight unless he is fed**. Singed ***damage is dealt per second***, unlike Galio and Maokai, they deal ***instant damage*** which is more impactful than Singed does in teamfight. We should know that carries can lifesteal and receive heal from support within a short period of time. # 2. **Singed is less tanky under Riot's vision of AP Bruiser Singed. ** Building Liandry and especially Rylai make Singed more squishy than ever. Rylai provides slow effect but the raw stats is bad. If we want to apply slow and proc Liandry, we can still build Righteous Glory (I know it's a worse item now, but see EUW Master Player Ankan) which provides tankiness, CDR, movement speed and slow at the same time. I understand Riot wants us to build AP bruiser, we are happy to do so, but we die more quickly in teamfight as a result. Is it possible for Riot to further buff Singed base HP/HP per level? Or, add some tenacity/damage reduction in R to improve Singed's tankiness and survivability while we are building AP? # 3. **The most effective/utilitarian way to play Singed is to fling enemy carries, but not to deal damage with Q.** That means any items which provides movement speed such as Righteous Glory, ZZ'Rot always remain relevant despite how people criticize these items. If you are fast enough, you simply fling enemy carry into mega adhesive, it will be deleted by your team immediately. This is much more effective than running into enemy team and dealing ***per second damage*** in enemy team with the risk of being blown up. Building AP is not rewarding enough. We know building AP is fun, but it's not fun either if building AP is not good for LP gains. # 4. **Singed rework so far does not address the survivability issue** Lee sin, renekton, rek sai and elise have much easier escape to avoid burst or CC. Meanwhile Mundo, Nautilus, Galio, Maokai, Poppy, Sejuani have insane ***instant heal or resistance or shield*** too. Basically almost all champions with engage or all-in have the ability to get out of teamfight. Singed doesn't have any (high MS from passive is not really an escape tool, see Rengar W, Olaf R, these are the real escape tools). Why Singed does not receive the same treatment? This is very unfair to Singed. On top of that, the recent PBE nerf on Singed's passive is a step backward. Singed passive guarantees 80% ms boost in teamfight, but it can be slowed or out-run easily by enemy (Karma, Ori, Lulu, Braum, Thresh, Leo...). I understand Riot may fear that once Singed's survivability is improved, Singed may deal tons of damage in teamfight. But this is not justifiable either. If Singed is blown up, how can he still deal damage? You have to reward Singed players who can survive in teamfight, the reward isn't adequate enough right now. Also why not keep tear build viable? Merging the old passive into new passive allows diverse build path and unique champion identity. It also makes _**Catalysts**_, Rod of Ages and Tears viable. Or is it because Riot doesn't want Singed to be a late game monster?
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