@Riot from Quinn Mains: Context, please

_**TL;DR:** Folks over at r/QuinnMains would like some context on the nerfs because, after much discussion, the consensus is that, while we agree that it could use tuning, double-dip nerfing Quinn's bread and butter ability will have much deeper consequences than reducing frustration caused by nearsight._ ----------------------- I don’t know if you’re aware, but there’ s a dedicated community of Quinn players on Reddit subscribed to r/QuinnMains. Not to blow our own importance out of proportion, but we worked closely with Repertoir when the rework to Quinn was announced months ago, and provided valuable feedback, if we might say so, regarding her design and balance throughout the process, both when she needed better tools or straight nerfs: I believe us to be a fair community. Even though some bias is to be expected, we usually provide a fair assessment of Quinn’s power and haven’t held our tongue when it’s come to declare her overtuned. What we know today about Quinn: she's a strong champion. People have reported frustration over Quinn's nearsight, something we have discussed extensively. We knew they were likely to target this area in case she became overbearing in high level of play, and were as comfortable with the idea as you could be regarding nerfs to your main champion. Looking at the higher echelon, Quinn has found some success in competitive play, but simply doesn't breach the limit where she's a contested champion, boasting a low playrate and mediocre winrate as a niche pick, with clear weaknesses in her incompatibility with laneswaps against tanks and competitive counters galore in champions like Malphite, Nautilus, Rammus or Pantheon. In solo queue, she's a common pick that boasts a good winrate (that's mostly irrelevant to gauge her power levels), in decay since the last patch. In terms of winrate, she's lost 2% in the span of 4 weeks, both due to changes in the meta and the Q bugfix that drained some unintended power. Today, she receives two additional nerfs: one that targets her nearsight duration, and a nerf to the cooldown on Q, nerfs that double dip and feed off one another to make Q a weaker ability. We’re here to tell you: this has repercussions beyond her damage potential. As an analogy, nerfing Twisted Fate's Pick a Card by increasing its cooldown by 2 seconds and cutting his stun duration by 25% would certainly be a strong hit to TF's viability, as W stands as his most important ability to produce value to his team beyond his ult plays when even or ahead, much like Quinn. In fact, philosophically, Quinn bears a lot of resemblance to Twisted Fate, who only boasts two combat abilities and relies on map pressure to succeed, but especially on the utility granted by his low cooldown 2 second stun, W, an incredibly versatile, loaded ability, much like Quinn's Q. Like TF, her viability hinges on her ability to provide value to her team beyond her ability to roam, which is why Aerial Assault failed and nearsight Blinding Assault made her viable. Not only that, but nearsight stands as Quinn's primary mitigation tool to justify her low range, which has been historically crippling in terms of providing value to her team, as she's poor at teamfighting, sieging, posturing for objectives, defensive waveclearing, as well as playing from a deficit. Receiving nearsight didn't solve these problems, but it granted her the ability to play around her weaknesses, which are still significant, as evidenced by her abysmal death rate and the steep decline of her winrate the longer the game goes. Knowing this, we find it hard to reconcile the vision of the champion we’re expecting to keep falling off naturally in terms of viability due to the state of the meta with the sledgehammer of a nerf that is the 28% increase to Q’s cooldown on top of a 25% decrease in nearsight duration we were both expecting and even advised at some point. We are perfectly understanding of a nerf to Blinding Assault due to the high point of frustration it supposes to the average player, but we believe double-dipping in this manner is far more unfair to Quinn players than it is appeasing to her opponents, and will have deeper connotations than simply alleviating the reported discomfort of playing against Blinding Assault. Could we have some context to the Quinn nerfs so we can understand where you’re coming from with this decision? Because currently we can only come up with reasons why this is too drastic, and reading through most player feedback regarding Blinding Assault has only yielded an astounding amount of vitriol and easily debunked misconceptions that has made the whole thing a disheartening, fruitless endeavor.
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