**Quick Update!** Just wanted to let you know that Sona's Update will be off the PBE for a few days. This is simply due to how our builds progress through development, and she'll be back very soon with more changes, more polish and a number of bug fixes. Sorry for the disruption! I'll be leaving this post stickied so anyone who got in a last last game has a place to give us their thoughts. Thanks to everyone who has already helped so much already! {{champion:37}} Hey all, Thanks to everyone who played some Sona games, and special thanks to everyone who posted their feedback. The major issues we have heard and addressed in this patch: * Players were having a hard time applying their auras to allies * We’ve increased the range of the auras to 350 units from 300 units * Sona was exceptionally frail in early laning * We’ve increased Sona’s base armor to 15 from 12 * Sona’s VFX were too loud * We've toned down the brightness of her aura VFX and made updates to some of her ability casts * Sona could gain power chord stacks by clicking item slots with no active * Awesome find! We've fixed this bug. We also continue to improve the ways that Sona communicates her effects * We've added clearer effects to Sona's power chord impacts. We are currently working on a number of improvements, but haven't made changes yet on the following: * Sona's power chord ready state is harder to see with the new aura effects. * We are working on new effects for power chord ready to work better with the rest of Sona's new effects. * Sona's longer cooldowns have dramatic impacts on her entire kit and gameplay experience. * This was always a known issue, but we do hear you all that many of you aren't happy with this change * We are discussing what shorter cooldowns would have to mean for Sona, and what she'd have to give up to have shorter cooldowns again. As before, all feedback is welcome, but there are a few questions that are of greatest interest to us: * How many games have you played on the Sona Update? * What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) * Did you feel in danger when granting allies aura tags? * What was your laning experience like? * What was your team fight experience like? * What items felt powerful? * What items felt weak? Thanks to everyone who has given feedback so far and everyone who gives feedback here!
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