A long post RIOT won't read about League of Mobility.

[Insert standard introduction to this post here] **Warning: This post may be too long and may bore a bit too much. It will be interesting to you only if you are interested on the technical part of LoL.** As you may have noticed, mobility started to become a problem at Season 3, and now at Season 2014 it's an almost-required mechanic a champion must have if they want to be viable in the current meta. (I must state I'm against "adapting" things to the meta, as I think something out-meta isn't bad and does not require to change, just needs to wait for the meta to change, but the problem with mobility is that it is just a superior mechanic compared to the others, and you just can't wait for it to disappear from meta because there is nothing that can compete due to its own nature.) **Why has this problem arisen now if League of Legends existed for 5 years?** We can't be sure, but I think that it happened because RIOT started to give free mobility to tons of champions. In the very past, only a few champions had mobility (Kassadin, which was designed for this, Tristana, LeBlanc). They used to give a champion a blink, jump or dash in specific conditions, and most champions didn't had these things: it was a mechanic given to certain champions and this champions were balanced considering that they had this extra mobility. But now every other champion has dashes and blinks, and new champions are granted this mechanic too because they need it to be viable, making it harder and harder every time to compete for champions which lack it. Just let's see some of the last champions released: * Azir: Dash on his E. * Gnar: Jump on his E. * Braum: Jump on his W. * Vel'Koz: No mobility. * Yasuo: Dash on his E. * Jinx: No mobility. * Lucian: Dash on his E. * Aatrox: Jump on his Q. * Lissandra: Blink on her E. If we compare this to the 18 champions RIOT released at 2009/02/21, we'll find that only Alistar, Jax and Tristana had a mobility skill. And all of them had a reason to have it: Alistar's W is a disengage, Jax needs to be in the center of the fight to apply his other skills and Tristana was based on repositioning with her W since she has no CC and no powerful (damaging) abilities. Now, Azir's E can be justified, Gnar's E is there because niche, Braum W can be arguably justified, Yasuo's E too, Lucian's E because niche, Aatrox's Q because niche and Lissandra's E because niche. **What can we do?** Aside from stopping giving mobility skills to every new champion, we could make CC attached to traditional, zero-mobility champions more options against all those Zeds jumping onto them with little counterplay. (And yes, I'm thinking about Anivia). * **Make dashes (but not blinks) being unable to go through walls:** Wall should be something you must care when playing League, not something you care "just if you are Anivia or Ashe". The fact that you can go through a wall with a dash makes this dash more powerful than intended, I explain: If you have a dash that travels 800 units in one second , and you use it to go through Baron's wall to escape a Syndra, that Syndra will not have to travel by foot 800 units (which would take kinda 2.5 seconds to her), instead she'll have to travel ~3,000 units to reach you again (which are 10 seconds), meaning that 99% of the times you will just escape because you can go through walls. Just think in mobility as "second(s) advantage)", that dash is an ability that provides you 2.5 seconds advantage, but it actually can provide you 10 or 15 seconds advantage if you are near a wall. * **Make hard CC interrupt all dashes/jumps like they do with Yasuo's E:** I think we don't need explanation here. If you can react to an Aatrox jump by CC'ing it fast, it's just unfair that he can complete the whole jump before your CC starts taking effect. * **Make movement slows affect dashes:** As simple as that. Currently slows are really weak since most champions can pretend they aren't slowed by dashing. Has Ashe R slowed you by 50%? Don't worry, your Kha's E will still travel as fast as it always do. * **Reserve blinks as the strongest mobility type.**
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