Let's Talk about Armor of the 5th Age taric

Now, i don't want to start hate, League sucks (its a joke, happy be-lated april fools.) Lets start with the skins, in game bloodstone taric - is the best skin there is right now pale skin, resinating death eyes. Love the dark ominus hair taric's going for does not make him look faboulous but more of a boss you would see fighting in wow, had no other way to make a connection. the in game vain's popping out of taric's chest is grotesque! awesome! emerald taric -, i can dig it, whole enchanted forest. elf. That staff bro. Don't get me started with the bejewled crown! Now Pink taric-love, this skin too, but i feel i love the spalsh art more how it resinates a night bar (if you know what i mean) and taric is just up there impressing the crowd. I wanted to know what was riots take about his torso clothing, both in game and splash art, i know you guys are thinking, what is this guy even complaining about, which im not (denaling is the first step to a healthy relationship) in the splash art we see taric has a vest, where his chest is completely exposed, and he comes off as if he's a male entertainer, we go in game. and taric is not wearting a vest, but is using the same in-game robe from his original v-shaped clothing. What was riots thoughts about keeping the v-shaped clothing onto taric's armor of the 5th age, instead of exposing those abs and exotic performance. I understand riot did amazing with the clothing piece differences for both the original and the pink skin you can tell there are new designs then just a remade color, but lets stop making taric into a pink super hero and start seeing that pink sex appeal ;)!
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