Tristana feedback, she needs buff more.

Hello, i am Kor Trist user. i have played her for 6 years. my tier is Master 1 [my summoner information]( [season2~season7 most]( i wanna give some opionion. nowaday, trist's line phase is awful. and DPS is so low (its improve by Q buff) i think she needs buffs more. see this stats [KR Trist winrate]( [KR Trist winrate each game time]( 1. she does not have any range skill. so can nothing against AP sup. even she can only get creep score by auto-attack and she have to push line because E 2. she needs be changed her W, E. there is so many thing to cancel her W. and W have so long delay to cast .it can not used to avoid skill. just can increase the distance and its hard to use for attack skill. if she use W forward. there is so big risk 3. after she has Infinity Edge. E damage is not meaningful. it's similar to one crit auto-attack 4. in middle and late game, R dmg is too low. only use to push champion. i hope riot balnace team refer my sugestion. 1. P - range up in 1~13 not 1~18 like MF P 2. W - reduce delay like cait E, change to AD dmg, AD ratio like Ez E. 3. E - have crit dmg like MF R, delete passive 4. R - change to AD dmg and have crit dmg I want to write in NA board(gameplay) but i don't have NA account. if it needs, plz copy to NA board. there is no any board to suggest game balnace in KR.. thank you
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