feedback on Poppy update

i just wanted to express my opinion on this update, Poppy is currently my main jungler with that in mind i need to say the update team destroyed a 10/10 assassin to create a 2/10 tank, i tryed her out on PBE this weekend and after playing a few games on 1v3 custom against bots i got to the conclusion that most builds just wont work, if i build her as a full tank she wont survive nearly as well as sion, garen, shen, maokai, shyvanna, taric, braum or even blitzcrank. if i build her as an offtank fighter she is even easyer to die and there is nearly no change to her damage output, if i build her full damage she gets squishy like an adc but with about the same damage she deals as full tank. its interesting to have some AOE on her but that Q is nearly impossible to hit unless you got the enemy stunned or if he is auto attacking you on melee range, i wont mention the bugs on her E because i hope that will be fixed before release, the ultimate is cool and all but its knockback is not realy that big considering the fact that it deals no damage at all, you cant execute a fleeing enemy with it and you cant charge and kill him because your Q wont hit. the concept of the passive is great, but the execution is poor, to be at least a functional tank you need to grab the shield that flies away and almost every time disapear before you can reach it. seriously what the hell were you thinking? why would you take a good assassin and turn her into a barely functional tank? i cant shake the feeling that the dev team looked at the champions to be updated list and said: "hey see that nice assassin with a very small fanbase? lets take it turn into a below average tank to see if she can be more popular!" this realy remind me of an old tweet from someone in riot saying something about not nerfing lee sin because that would make the lee fanbase go berserk. most updates focused on reinforcing a champion's strenghs and defining weaknesses like the update on master yi for example, you had to choose either you got skills or you can chop people down fast with autos, then you updated him and made him do both well why couldnt you do the same with Poppy? anyway that is just my personal opinion maybe after the bugfixes she will be better but i still wish Poppy would stay an ASSASSIN.
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