PBE URF Balance Concerns

So URF is on the PBE at the moment for testing, and Riot has specifically asked us to test out the new champs and kits since last year. ({{champion:136}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:78}} ) Yet, the only champions people seem to play are the ones we already know are OP as all hell in URF. (ex. {{champion:35}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:81}}, and more) Many of these, the above OP examples especially, need severe looking at. On the topic of the new champs and kits: {{champion:136}} Seems OK at best. Nothing stand-out or strong, but also no reason to take over other mages. (Also seems that he _gains additional_ stars over the course of the game, ended one game with 6 stars circling me?) {{champion:202}} Seems alright, although I cannot tell whether the URF buff is actually interacting with his passive. {{champion:420}} Has issues in that all her animation end up longer than her CDs, so she's all but useless in URF since other fighters can do more, faster. {{champion:44}} Is fun enough, though the whole "CDR reduces passive CD reduction" thing makes his passive extremely weak. Overall not as fun as old Taric's kit in URF. Haven't gotten around to playing {{champion:223}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:78}} yet. On older champs: {{champion:35}} {{champion:57}} Need a tighter restriction on boxes/saplings (thinking 2 instead of their current 5-6, or some other kind of nerf) {{champion:114}} {{champion:81}} Q lowering CDs by a flat amount is way too strong in conjunction with the URF buff. {{champion:238}} Needs a limit to the number of shadows he can place, and an internal cooldown on how often he can swap with any shadow. {{champion:105}} Troll Pole + Zhonya's. Need I say more? (Same issue with Vlad, but he's not as OP since he's not a burst mage.) {{champion:38}} Needs to have a static CD on his ult, or remove the stacking damage part of it. {{champion:90}} Is plain no fun, esp when AD Malz with 12 voidlings. Maybe restrict to 2-3 voidlings max, and make the URF buff tenacity affect suppression if it doesn't already. Others worth mentioning: {{champion:62}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:37}} Edit: To the people saying "just ban the champs you don't want to deal with" There's far too many champions that are way above the rest that URF, the game mode meant for fun, becomes a purely anti-fun affair against them. Either there needs to be some balance work done to the top small group of champs, or there needs to be more bans in URF. 6 Is not enough to get rid of all the super frustrating ones. Basically, the "for fun" game mode is not even fun, it's not even un-fun, it's causing me to have anti-fun because of people only spamming the top tier of champs rather than playing around with other champs. Playing against people that play to win rather than to have fun is not fun. If I wanted to have to deal with people like that, I'd play ranked.
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