Thoughts on Azir as of 9/4/2014

As I know plenty of people are, I am really hyped for Azir's launch. I've played him several times on the PBE and tried to find the most efficient build paths for him. However, I feel as though Riot is taking him away from what he should be. An AP sustain damage, zoning, marksman. With the nerf to his attack speed passive he can hardly be called a marksman anymore even with a Nashor's. His kit is also really clunky and unless you spend some time planning out how you are going to ambush someone he don't really have the presence I think he should. My idea focuses mainly on an E change. As the Emperor of the sands summoning sand soldiers and such I think he should be able to disassemble himself into sand as well. in other words, I think it would be interesting if his E allowed him to be untargettable and ALWAYS go to his selected soldier. I don't really feel the knock up and shield he has fit him very well as a champion. I imagine him to be a constantly moving sandy mess of a guy running around extremely fluently and if someone is in your way during an E you just hit them and sit there like a NOT bad ass sand emperor! Also it wouldn't make sense for his E to do any damage anymore either so just be rid of that. It would make more sense for the massive majority of his damage to lie in soldier AA's and your ult burst. If you felt so inclined you could lower the damage on his Q and lower the cooldown as well. To sum it up, E change to no longer knock up, shield, or do damage but instead always send him to his targeted soldier and become untargettable during the movement and increase passive attack speed to its former glory. As far as balance goes I have no idea where this could put him but I feel it would suit him much more than his kit currently does. On a side note, I added a poll! Might as well, right?
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