Katarina's New Splash Art

I've been maining Katarina for a long time and when I saw that she was getting a new splash art, I was thrilled. When I saw the face...not so much anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the new art! It's just that (like Wukong for example) the face is off from the original character. First of all, when you compare to the first and the updated, you can see notable changes on her eyes, lips, nose and eyebrows. Even looking at her Warring Kingdoms splash, Katarina looks WAY better than what she does in her updated art. Second, noted that the artists are different and I respect their work because regardless they do amazing. But when it comes to a champion such as our famous Noxian assassin, her sleek look in her new skin doesn't match the more rugged appearance of her new update. Finally, it's just a thought, changing art style to match a character is important and would suit her more. Not to mention everything else looks awesome and hints to what her new visuals might look like:)) **EDIT:** **2/18/15** Katarina's splash has been updated! Thanks Riot for listening to our thoughts and helping to make the new splash art enjoyable and honoring to Kat players everywhere!
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