Feedback on the Ryze changes (Post-5.11 PBE)

Looking at {{champion:13}}'s latest batch of changes, he is overall in a very good spot: the massively increased cooldown on his root prevents him from chain-spamming it during Arcane Mastery-fueled trades, and the reduced cooldown on E and increased overall Q damage make both really good at last-hitting, something Ryze typically had a lot of trouble with even before his rework, at least pre-6. He also has a very strongly defined power curve, and there are clear moments when he transitions from weak to tough, and from tough to scary. If there's one thing I don't like about these new changes, it's Arcane Mastery applying only a percentage of Overload's cooldown as cooldown reduction, and having that percentage increase with ranking up Q. Aside from making Ryze's early game a bit too weak in moments where he should feel really strong, it also forces him to level Q first, when I think E first is a valid choice when up against a melee top laner. W first might even have some use against dive- or gank-heavy lanes, too, but as long as Arcane Mastery's cooldown reduction remains dependent on Overload's rank, those alternative options aren't going to be as viable as they should. Even with the reduced cooldown on Spell Flux, Ryze remains extremely vulnerable early on even as he's being empowered by Arcane Mastery, especially now that Rune Prison has such a hefty cooldown, so I think it would be worth testing Ryze with cooldown reduction always based on the full cooldown of his Q. **Current balance discussion ends here. The following is mostly a bunch of thoughts and suggestion regarding Ryze's overall design:** While this isn't entirely relevant to Ryze's current balance changes, I'm not entirely a fan of his ult, which was kept mostly unchanged. Seeing how Ryze's update gave him situational resilience in the form of his passive shield, better AoE in the form of his new E, and overall better last-hitting and explosive strength, I feel Desperate Power is fairly redundant now. It's a steroid that essentially accomplishes the same function as Arcane Mastery, depends heavily on Ryze's passive steroid to function properly, and is now the part of his kit that feels the least powerful. **Its activation also has the same sound effect as his passive**, which makes things confusing (that could just be adjusted with a sound fix, though). If Ryze lost his current ult, he could afford to have an even stronger shield on his passive, which currently feels a bit lackluster, and Arcane Mastery could perhaps even provide some movement speed, but he could also afford to have something much more visible in terms of what to bring to fights (a massive mana bomb with a huge radius, for example, which would emphasize his AoE capabilities). I also think it might even allow him to need one less stack to activate Arcane Mastery, since right now initiating with Desperate Power and firing everything leads to this awkward mini-pause before he really gets rolling.
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