All-Stars testing: Showdown, Hexakill & U.R.F.

**::Update::** [With yesterday’s addition of U.R.F. to All-Stars](, we’re putting Ultra Rapid Fire on the PBE with the following champions and summoner spells disabled: * Revive will be disabled * Ryze, Kassadin, Sona, Hecarim, Soraka, Nidalee, Alistar, Kayle and Skarner will be disabled All three featured game modes (Showdown, Hexakill and U.R.F.) will be on the PBE until tomorrow morning around 11 AM PST/6 PM GMT. - - - Hey guys! The upcoming [All-Star Challenge]( features exhibition matches by pros from NA, EU, Korea, China and Southeast Asia. Before the event, we want to test some of the Featured Game Modes pros will play and make sure nothing broke while in the lab. We’re putting **Showdown** back on PBE immediately and adding **Hexakill** Saturday morning at 9 AM PST/4PM GMT. Both modes will be turned off on Monday around 11 AM PST/6PM GMT. To make sure these modes get the testing they need -- and to keep queue times reasonable -- **all other queues except Summoner’s Rift Blind Pick will be disabled**. Everything will remain testable in custom games.
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