Rek'Sai ultimate - why no damage component

When I learned that Kalista's ultimate did no damage, I thought it was a little odd, smashing into enemies and knocking them up somehow not hurting anyone. It's also conditional on having her Oathsworn, if her partner is away, or dead or afk, she effectively has no ult and now Rek'Sai has this traveling ultimate, rushing through the ground creating a large tremor but it doesn't knock up or damage anyone if she passes under them Sure, it offers global travel, but only to her tunnels which are obvious in the useful places and easily destroyed It just seems to me more useful as an escape tool rather than an initiation (the exception being a fight or chase deep in your own territory) - I still had alot of fun testing her, and love her overall design (Kalista as well) I just feel odd about these extremely situational ultimates
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