Please don't forget AP Ezreal is something lots of people love

I understand the need to nerf Blue Ezreal, and I understand why you targeted his ult with the nerf. Personally, I would have removed the extra .1AD ratio on Q rather than just hitting his ult, but w/e. The problem is, this kills AP Ezreal. Like, takes him out back, shoots him in the head and throws him in the garbage. Being able to cast his ult frequently is a major power of his and with this nerf AP Ezreal, who is already only ok, will just never be playable if you want to win games. AP ratios are the easiest way to solve this problem, but that's not a flawless solution. Please don't blindly nerf AP Ezreal without giving him some love. 40 seconds off his ult is a massive hit to the gut, at least send a get well card to the ER room :/
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