Heimerdinger Feedback mid-cycle.

Initial Thoughts: - Will be stronger/more oppressive into melee. - Still super weak versus ranged. - The direction "desired" is not going to be accomplished. Mid-Cycle Thoughts: - Has way more damage against melees than previously. - Even more oppressive. - With beam charge focused on W/E instead of Turrets AA increasing it, able to semi-freeze and build up huge waves to dive with now. - With power tied into turret beams (And the charge not increased based on Turret AAs along with longer CD) , not viable to be played mid. - He CAN be played mid but why? He's better top. Anything you wanted to do with Heimer mid can be done with any mage. - Turrets still too weak. - Ranged saps all his power, even with storing three charges cooldown is too long. - R/Q IS more viable now with turret recharge tied into it. R/E still better for the CC, R/W worthless currently. - **Over-all feeling he is too strong into melees and will be gutted to unplayability with-in a patch.** - Would like him to either ship in a balanced state or not shipped to the point of being olaf'ed.
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