Hey! Long time {{champion:268}} player/main here. Was excited for a long time to see this rework and honestly, it's been pretty awesome for the most part! **Things I liked:** 1. New W cast time 2. Multiple soldiers dealing full damage 3. Insta-shield on E 4. AP Scaling on E 5. The return of ASPD bonus on W 6. Free Soldier on E hit 7. Base stat buffs For the greater part of the rework, I think the idea of making him a mid-range battlemage was not only the more interesting, but more appropriate decision, considering how important shuffle was to his kit, and how it made him unique, compared to making him standard long range poke mage #27. The flow and feeling of the W activation time is so great for orb-walking and placing and moving, it's both buttery AND delicious, and I applaud you for finding such a nice spot to put it in. The soldiers dealing full damage is just.. how else to explain it? It's perfect for him. Making the shield not only useful but giving it realistic scaling will be great for his wal d ives and when he wants to hard engage someone, paired with the bonus soldier on hit it feels so right and it's a pleasure to play with. **Things that I felt a little meh about:** 1. Range nerf on Q cast (For the purpose of shuffling and poking) 2. 3 soldier requirement for increased ASPD bonus 3. Removal of ability to hit wards with soldiers 4. Shield duration 5. Q Scaling nerf Making Q have less range I suppose makes sense since you wanted to hurt that aspect of him for trade-off purposes, but it really hurt a lot of his shuffle paths and forces him to all in against popular mages currently a bit more than I feel like he might like. I understand you want to make it a high requirement to access the new bonus bonus ASPD, but three soldiers feels a little overblown, I suppose, maybe try it with two and see how that works out? You can nerf some of the bonus ASPD off if you do so and I feel like it might be a better trade-off. Nerfing the shield duration is ok, but if you want him to get in and make trades or fight people, would it not be a bit better for the shield to last a little longer? Q scaling nerf is a gripe since W got a whole lot more damage, just used to using it for poke. **Things I feel like you absolutely dropped the ball on:** 1. Making the wall only bounce while soldiers are moving ~~2. Lowered speed when shuffling~~ 3. Soldier deactivation Range 4. Did I mention that wall nerf? Making the wall act as normal terrain is bad and it just feels bad. That was his main was of dealing with diving assassins and zoning in fights. Please for the love of Shurima revert this. I appreciate the extra soldiers but I would rather have the wall bounce for the duration, it's just too much a part of Azir and it will be SORELY missed by any and all Azir ~~players if you remove it. ~~I don't really understand why shuffle speed was decreased, I'm guessing it was to make it less "surprising"? Maybe it was to make it easier since you have less time to react? If that's the case leave it as it was before so good Azir players can make that part of their skill ceiling, this slow shuffle just makes me feel like I'm trudging through molasses when I'm trying to outplay somebody, and I'm not a fan.~~ Making soldiers deactivate at 600 range is just painful to deal with, you lose them too easily when you're just trying to position, and it's not very much appreciated. Please fix wall and don't leave this nerf in. Anyways, that's my take on the current iteration of the Azir rework, I hope my feedback has been helpful and I look forward to what you guys do from here, thank you for all your hard work, and thanks for putting so much work into the champion I love. SHURIMA! {{champion:268}} Edit: Shifting Sands speed has been reverted! GLORY TO SHURIMA!!
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