[Experimental WIP - 3/3] Mandrake Ward

**Note:** The following item is highly experimental and probably won't ship any time soon, if at all. All assets are temporary and are absolutely not final. Hey guys. I'm putting up some experimental content for exploration. **Mandrake Ward** ~~50~~ 35G ~~*Click to Consume:* Places an invisible blind sentry in a brush for 5 2 minutes. The plant will ping the map if a visible or invisible enemy enemy is within 900 1100 range.~~ *Click to Consume:* Summons a sentry to run and burrow in target brush (within 1200 range) for 2 minutes. While burrowed, it becomes *blind* and *invisible* but will ping the map if a visible or invisible enemy is within 1000 range. *(Counts as a Stealth Ward)* *(May only carry 3 Stealth Wards at a time.)* This is intended to be an early game ward to protect the lane against the jungle without revealing a jungler's prospective health or directional pathing. It's also an answer to early game stealth for lane protections now that pinks are fairly woefully inequipped at dealing with the task. There's some neat tricks (it can sense over walls) that it has currently - but it still needs a ton of iteration to feel usable personally. Will be doing some polish work over the next couple days trying to get it in a cleaner state - last I checked, I missed a file somewhere and it's probably super bugged on PBE - also need to think about ping throttling the thing in terms of sounds and motion. Eventually it'll require a custom ping sound and error handling - but for now, everything is highly temp and experimental. 1. I'm curious to see whether or not people feel like the item's purpose is clear. 2. The item hopefully doesn't feel like it's worth a slot end-game and make end-game consumable purchase cycles even worse. **Edit:** Updated. Next time the PBE tests future content, Mandrake should be enabled.
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