Missed potential with Kassasdin update

With all the changes that were done with Kassadin {{champion:38}} from his model update, to VFX being changed I have to ask. Why didn't you change the color of the VFX to go with it? Such as with Harbinger having a reddish theme with his clothes as why didn't any of his abilities/blade have a simple pallet change to it being a darker red. Or with festival Kassadin not having the same treatment put to it as I posted above except with a blueish theme like his new icy crown/antlers? I would like any rioters working on the Kassadin update to consider this, and I hope at least some in the PBE community support me. But I would like to say to any rioter who do see this that the update looks amazing and I had a difficult time imagining the way an updated Kassadin would look until this update came along.
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