Is Poppy even the ambassador to the Yourdle's and Demacia anymore? Blomgrum? Whomper?

why the fuck you lyin
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> Everyone's favorite hammer girl has been on our scopes for a while, as she's one of those older champions in need of across-the-board work to bring her up to current standards. To be clear, **we LOVE her core identity** - who doesn’t want to play the fearless Yordle striking hammer-induced terror into enemies across the map? In fact, the gap between her awesome premise and lackluster execution is exactly why we’re working on her. > > Artistically, Poppy will still look like a heavily armed and armored ball of golden death. We’re looking to preserve her thematic and color scheme while bringing her art up-to-date both technically and stylistically. **Similarly, there’s a lot to love in her story, we just plan to bring it up-to-date and cement her more firmly in the world and among her fellow Yordles.** On the gameplay front the challenge is a bit bigger, as Poppy's kit is pretty archaic at this point. Nevertheless, we’re looking to keep her current fearless style of gameplay and core dash-and-smash mechanics - we still want her to have that same diver mentality. > > Poppy is definitely a hefty undertaking - not quite a Sion-level project but pretty close to it. She’s still a ways out and is going to take a lot of work, but will hopefully offer an awesome experience for players once we’re done with the job." [2]ience for players once we're done with the job. Are these things adressed? Because if not....
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