Doge ( Nasus ) has to be nerfed.

Hello everyone, Before any Nasus main starts to defending this doge, hear me out. Nasus, in my honest opinion, is nowhere near to be a balanced champion. Although, his unfair scaling and overpowered state starts to appear from around 35+ minutes of the game, which can be considered mid-late game. The thing is, that Nasus becomes so strong that he can, literally, one-shot AP carry / AD carry, with his Q - Siphoning Strike. And this, by all means, IS NOT normal. And we are not even talking about good Nasus players. If the game get's delayed to late game ( approx those 35+ minutes ), I apologize for example, but even a total cabbage with a minimal knowledge in farming, can become unstoppable, one-shot machine that cannot be killed. In other words, there is little to no counter play at all against this champion at that stage of the game, and that is not right. For example, If you're playing AP or AD carry that has no gap closer - you're basically screwed. Because there is no way that you're going to escape the Nasus chase ( due to his W - Wither ) or even more, try to win him on 1 v 1 situation, you won't kill him. You may say: "But it's your own team fault that you let Nasus farm and delayed the game until late game". No, you're absolutely wrong. You will not be able to deny farm for this doge for whole match. Well, yes, while you're still in laning phase, you can take advantage of him while he is significantly weaker due to his lack of stacks by either being able to dominate him by yourself or by the assistance of your jungler, but it will stop, when the laning phase is over, and the laning phase is not taking that long, comparing to whole match length. And after that, he will just keep on stacking. Also, quick comment that you may say: _"If you're so afraid that Nasus will continue to stack, why don't you continue to focus him and bother him through the whole game?"_. There are few problems with that. First of all, If the game goes even and there are no insanely fed players on your team at that time, there is absolutely NO WAY that you will be able to fight this doge 1 vs 1, on worst case scenario for Nasus, he will just get pushed further under his turret and continue to stack. Now regarding the first comments 2nd half of "delaying the game until late game". No team composition should ever be punished for having an even game that continues until and further to late game. That's just how it goes, when you have strong opponents, you won't be able to defeat them with ease, most of the time it will be even game and it will continue to late game. What this sentence has to do with Nasus? Delayed games highly benefits Nasus, while others little or not at all, therefor, it's not fair. How to deal with this problem, I'm going to explain just little bit later, but before that I'm going to name few more examples, how this Nasus is overpowered and unfair on late game. **Late game Nasus characteristics:** **Very tanky** ( has huge HP pool and defensive stats ); **Huge damage** ( From Siphoning Strike stacking ); **Need at least 2 players with kiting abilites and damage to be able to kill him.** This makes late game team fights lose-lose situations for teams that play against Nasus. Why? The odds are that Nasus is going to have {{summoner:12}} , since 90 % of Nasus players play on top lane and not jungle. This allows him to split push and divide the attention of his opponents. When Nasus uses teleport and starts to tear down turrets / inhibitors ( with few Siphoning Strikes ). The defending team has to send at least 2 team players to fight back this doge and even then, it's not guaranteed that they will be able to stop him. Meanwhile, the defending team is in disadvantage, leaving them in 3 vs 4 situation that they won't be able to win anyway, since they have sent their damage dealers to be able to kill that overpowered, tanky doge. And even then, they still lack that 1 player. At this point, the fate of game is already decided. Nasus team has complete objective control, they can take Baron / Dragon, while Nasus is going to force them to defend the base. This is not fair and this is not how it should be. But finally we have reached the part, in where I'm going to explain how we can nerf this doge, at the same time, not ruining his ability kit and not making him useless. **Now the Nasus nerf idea** **Stacking system**. Everything in Nasus kit can stay the same, I really have no problem with it, however, there should be new stacking system, that would actually punish Nasus players for their mistakes and not just reward them as game goes on. I guess you could say it would work similar to Mejai stacks or Cho'Gaths ultimate stacks, in a way, that when you're killed ( as Nasus ), you lose some amount of your Siphoning Strike stacks. Of course, it shouldn't be as impactful as it is for Mejai or even Cho'Gath. Mathematics is not my strong side, but I'm certain that Riot could think of some kind of algorithm, in which from level 1-18 Nasus would have a portion of stacks removed upon death, depending on his level. This, in my opinion, would be a great rework, because in this way, Nasus wouldn't really lose much of his power and late game potential, at the same time making him more balanced and challenging, forcing Nasus players to become more of a team players ( not just overpowered split pushers that can't be stopped ) and making them more aware of game situations, whether or not they want to risk that split push to be punished by losing fraction of their power in case of failure. This would make them think twice and improve the game quality, also the factor of high risk - high reward. ( previously low risk - high reward for Nasus players ) And last, but not least. In this way, it would be more balanced and competetive like. Woah... I spent like 1 hour on this text, I'm tired. But I hope that you guys got my message right. And I'm ready to discuss this further. Also I added poll, so you can vote on whether or not you agree with me.
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