@Riot About Vel'koz Mana costs

According to Latest pbe [update](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/02/214-pbe-update.html) you reduced the mana cost of Vel'Koz on his Q. Could you explain yourself about this change? If there is one thing i have concluded about this champion is that his mana cost on abilities is LOW and he can also sustain his mana pool quite effectively with just a chalice. He is a lane bully since if he succesfully combos you the mix of true and magic damage he has will devour great chunks of ur health. Atm I find the champ strong not only from his dmg but from the fact that he can sit back in his turret and waveclear with ease due to his W. When he gets a chalice he can just afk and farm all day. If there is something that u should do IMHO is to just increase his early mana cost (maybe make a change of scaling to a flat cost).
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