Items and Upgrade Readability

I wanted to see what everyone else thinks about items upgrade path readability. Does it make sense to you? I ask this question, because while I've been playing the game for a number of years, I notice that items simply don't follow similar paths. I first off understand that not every item needs to be the same, but I do understand that items need parity, and need to upgrade in a manner that is easy to understand. Specifically, I'm going to use Boots as an example of items that I think have poor readability in a few cases. Lets start with a good case first. -Ninja Tabi - Boots - Armor - Recipe - Provides armor, movement speed, and auto attack reduction. This item, as a player makes sense to me. Why? Simple. Because it's parts combine to a whole that makes sense to the player. When I put things together, it provides an outcome that is expected. Lets move on to what I think is a bad example of a readable upgrade path in the same boots tier. - Boots of Lucidity - Boots - Recipe - Provides movement speed and Cooldown Reduction. Cool, movement speed. I expect that. Cooldown Reduction... Hrm... that came from where exactly? This is what I mean, things like Penetration, Cooldown Reduction, and other random variables are just randomly added to items, with no cohesive reason, when there are plenty of opportunities to create items that offer these stats. My main argument is that these simply aren't readable situations. Why does Brutalizer randomly spawn Penetration and CDR for only 500 gold, but for 800+ gold I get 20 magic pen from Sorc Shoes? As a long time player, this is definitely something I am used to, but as someone who likes to evaluate things to make the game easier to understand, I can't say that I agree with how items are upgraded. What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Why? Maybe provide some examples for agreement or counterpoint. Thanks for reading. :)
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