Concerned for AP based champs.

As we are all aware many of the new changes are geared towards AD based champions. That is fine and a good thing however AP based champions are taking a big hit from what I can tell. The lack of mana potions are going to be pretty brutal for the laning phase when playing an AP champion(and some ad champs, think jax or irelia vs vladmir). Yes RIOT said they would possibly increase mana pools and mana regen rates but lets be honest currently caster mages have to be quite careful with mana. Once mana pots are gone even with increased values it likely wouldn't be enough to justify this change (unless seriously increased). AD assassins received an indirect buff for example through mercurial scimitar . Being able to buy an item that gives mr, a good amount of ad, life steal, as well as the qss active is huge. Easily a 2nd or 3rd item buy. Which in turn can really turn the fight in their favor. Another example would be yasuo buying zeal as his first purchase. This results in him having 40% crit at say lvl 7 (don't forget the mastery that heals you for 15% of the crit dmg done). Basically when it comes to AP champions they cannot buy mana pots anymore, currently do not have enough mana regen/pool (for early game trades so assasins can have an easier laning phase), and have increased costs for items and slightly less AP on some. All the while AD champs in general have a much wider selection of items, many of them being quite effective against AP champs (mercurial, deaths dance), and a mastery that is completely insane on champions that have crit early, goodluck trying to kill them with this sustain(warlords bloodlust, trynd, yasuo, pantheon). These changes will likely result in a push for champions that don't require mana in the mid lane. All in all I totally understand this is a big patch to AD based champions however AP champs from what I am seeing are likely to be a bit outclassed. I really do believe a good amount of time should be taken to address these issues and others. couple of things that can clearly be abused with ad champs: pantheon: crits enemies that are at 15% hp or lower. This combined with overlords bloodlust results in basically unlimited sustain in lane. Their is no point in ever getting feast in the ferocity tree. tryndamere: 35% crit at max fury, quite easy to attain. The level 2 cheese has never been so real. yasuo: 100% crit is easily attained with ie and shiv. Sustain is unreal with the overlords bloodlust mastery. Again items will make him much more effective. Riven: Stronger then before due to new items (deaths dance). She doesn't need cd nerfs what she needs are ad ratio nerfs.
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