[Gameplay mode suggestion] PBE only Testing mode

Since I came to PBE, there are a lot of times then I just want to fire up a custom game and test a particular bug or feature that was announced in the forum. Sometimes though, that feature means you must be LVL 6, or have 2 particular items or so. Would it be hard for you guys to add another custom mode in PBE where players start with 50k gold and lvl 18? This would make it much easier to test how different ultimates interact and how all items cause bugs. I found a recent bug regarding Galio and Lissandra's ultimates during a game. If we both cast our ultimate at practically the same time, then Galio's taunt did not work and Lissandra was still able to cast spells (Lis's ultimate was cast on Galio). I'll do a proper bug report when I get to confirm this, but takes a bit of time to find someone willing to just hang around till lvl 6 for this.
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