Assassins need help BADLY

Zed especially. Unlike burst mages, assassins don't have hard CC to guarantee combos. - ADC have Death's Dance which gives lifesteal and delays/reduces burst combos - ADC have Phantom Dancer which reduce damage taken by a flat % - ADC have Merc Scimitar which removes Zed's ultimate - Mages have Zhonya's which negates Zed's ultimate and damage - Last Whisper no longer works against base armour - Bruisers have Sterak's Gage which gives a massive shield when bursted - Crit is no longer on Youmuu's thus losing its synergy with a potential Infinity Edge - Masteries can increase heals and shields, as well as reducing damage by a flat % - Tanks can straight up buy flat armor and have it reduced less due to Last Whisper nerf - Guardian Angel - Items overall give less AD making Zed's W multiplier worse - Tahm Kench So who can Zed target? The support is looking like the only target. With the Bond of Stone mastery, its so much harder to kill them too. What if Zed could change his target while he is invulnerable to another one (limit: 3 targets)? It could act as another gap closer as well as being more slippery. Ex: Zed vs a frontline tank (Braum), midline mage (Viktor) and a backline ADC (Caitlyn). Zed could ult Braum, change target to Viktor then change target to Caitlyn all within the 1s invulnerability window. The target swap range shouldnt be big at all, and the particle effect of a swap would be the red X when homing in on a champion disappearing in a puff of gray smoke and appearing on the new target. What changes would you make to an assassin so they can KILL
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