[PBE - 5.19] Adjustment to Leashing Rules

**Note:** This isn't in the current PBE build - but should be in for Tuesday / Wednesday during the next deploy. We've significantly rewrote jungle monster leashing rules. This will not affect Epic Monsters - but will affect most monster camps. The goals of this change are to visualize the complex set of leashing behaviors down to a few key visible metrics - as well as better balance control and support for unorthodox ways of dealing with jungle monsters (like continuously throwing them over walls). All in all, these changes are aimed at making it easier for players to kite monsters in one direction, get better signalling as to when the monsters will leash and take measures to re-aggro the monster. **Changes** * Large Monsters now display their "Patience" count as a bar above their heads. Monsters don't share patience - but currently, to control visual noise, we only display it on the large monster (pending some graphical updates if this feature goes well.) * If you do something that the Monster finds abusive, it will begin to lose Patience at a gradual rate. This continues until you stop the offending activity -or- the monster loses all his "Patience" * If a monster loses the entirety of their "Patience" - they will **hard reset**, losing interest in you and beginning to regenerate. They are then, unable to be engaged upon until they are above a certain health threshold (90% currently.) * Jungle Monster camps have their own unique leash radii to control for the various properties of each camp. Leash Radii is now mostly calculated by walking distance rather than as the crow flies. **Things that cause Monsters to lose "Patience" with you:** * If the monster's current target is far out of the monster's camp and there are no other valid targets around. * If the monster has to switch targets and is being bounced around from target to target. * If the monster is *waaaay far* out of his camp. Like.. WAY far out. **Major Implications** * You will no longer be able to do most monster camps from behind a wall. This has the biggest effect on Gromp, for example, as a very common case is to poach that with a ranged character while face-tanking it. I think this will be compensated by the fact that kiting is much better supported in ze current system and is generally friendlier for ranged. * Pulls and monster movement type effects will generally be unable to hard reset the monster immediately. If the monster has an original target, it will try to path back to its original target.
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