Grand Minion Block (Rework Fiora's Only Real Issue)

**Rework Fi is one of the better reworks lately mostly only needing a few numbers adjustment before Live Dispatch** (maybe very slightly nerfing passive scaling and maybe 0.5 parry duration instead of 0.75)** but other then that she is a really hard champ to pull off and the opponent can play around her passive and W but her Grand Challenge (Ult) is just damn impossible to use in a minion wave. ** **Hitting all 4 Grand Challenge marks is already hard enough but when your getting hard winion blocked by both sides minion and VS a champ with CC as well **(riven) **1v1 post lvl 6 in lane is hell cause of all the cc plus trying to still get your ult off forcing you to flash instead of making it an option to outplay the opponent with it. ** I**t's just insanely frustrating PLZ Riot only thing she needs before she hits live buff-wise** _**Grand Challenge R: Ignores Unit Collision when activated or while she is in the bubble around the enemy champ that her ult puts up that gives the speed boost.**_
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