Mordekaiser's Q should be nerfed while his W should be tweaked/buffed.

His first two strikes are both pretty strong, but his 3rd strike can easily hit someone for over 1,200 magic damage alone. I believe that the AD scaling on his strikes should be lowered significantly so that he is not overbearing. Either that or reduce both AD and AP scalings by some degree. He can kill an ADC or AP mid easily with just his Q alone (and E to finish the job) and can seemingly boar through tanks quickly as well. His W, on the other hand, should be usable on minions just like before so that he can decide whether to go into the mid lane, bot lane OR EVEN top lane. He should keep Dragon, if anyone is asking. I don't see anything overpowered about it. It's just that his own damage is SO terrible to cope with.
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