Mordekaiser Recommended Items

Morde's recommended items are complete garbage. 1. If he's supposed to be a "bot lane ADC", why the hell is his starting item RELIC SHIELD?! 2. Is he supposed to be AD or AP? I see Triforce, Sterak's Gage, and Rylai' 3. Then we have tank items...what type of "ADC" builds defense items like Randuin's.... 4. He has AD and AP ratios, uses HP as a casting resource, AND THEY DON'T RECOMMEND HEXTECH GUNBLADE??!? 5. He's supposed to be a "bot lane ADC" and none of his items recommend lifesteal or spell vamp for sustain?!?!??! Please Riot, fix this item set, it is absolutely ridiculous... Edit: Okay his W gives him a little sustain...but he should itemize better than AD if you want to heal more...
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