Sona's E suggestions from the community. Please contribute guys.

*EDIT: Incase Riot is reading this for feedback. Someone suggested Sona's E give her a small self dash instead of a movement speed increase. AKA a graves or Lucian style dash. I feel this would mesh really well with utilizing her ult, fix some of her squishy problems. Fix some of her problems with trying to apply a small radius aura in a teamfight. Open up counterplay from Sona to supports who currently dominate her (thresh, Leona). It would be more fun to play and to watch as well. Having a dash allows you to make clutch heals, clutch kills, clutch aura application, clutch ultimates (without relying on flash! Since sona is squishy she could now save her flash to escape). Of course you'd need to nerf her to make up for this maybe make it a twenty to twenty five second cooldown with a large mana cost? This would ensure counterplay against her. Example: Hey Sona just Dash( E) Qe'd into us and followed up with heal so that her adc would win the trade. But now she has heal and dash on long cooldowns. Now Leona thinks she can go in and secure a kill. Basically it helps Sona with counterplay but it allows other champions to counterplay against her long cooldowns. I find this extremely interesting and counterplaying against cooldowns always adds to the game. Example when level 2 thresh misses his hook you go in and try to punish him for it. Level 2 Sona uses a Dash E Q to win a trade you punish her for that 20-25 seconds where it's down.* Okay all you Sona players out there, a lot of us seem to be of the opinion that this rework is weak and/or not fun. In any case I've been thinking maybe if Sona's E wasn't useless this rework could work, even with the reduced damage, and the useless shield, and the small auras. Despite all that if her E wasn't something you put 1 point into at lvl 8 maybe if it had some other usefulness this rework wouldn't be so bad. People such as myself have suggested it tag allies with Mp5 regen. I'm curious to get a better idea from the Sona community though. How can we make her E not useless, something that you'd want to cast in lane if you have the mana whenever it's up every 15s. Like Nami or Thresh or Leona or pretty much every other support , all of their abilities are useful. Wow I just had the greatest idea. How about her E only speeds up Sona but tags herself and her allies with her old auras? Giving them a small amount of damage/armor/mresist. This would solve Sona's squishy problem and allow her to use her E to reposition herself in teamfights while not being quite as squishy. Maybe make the mana cost higher or the cooldown higher to balance it out. Heck you could even remove that pathetic shield on her W. I'd gladly take this extra utility on E since her W already has utility. This would be really great for disengaging too, imagine 1 of your teammates got picked off now you and 3 of your teammates are running down lane to retreat with the enemy chasing and throwing long range poke. With the current PBE E you have to run back in to boost your allies movement speed and MAYBE you will save. Whereas with something like this you'll guarantee you'll reduce the damage they are taking. Increasing movement speed isn't a guarantee of reducing damage unless you have a vayne who can kite well. Increasing your allies armor/mres/damage means maybe you can save them from that Corki missile or nidalee spear by alternating between her E and W. Imagine lane fights as well, now Sona can cycle through all 4 spells in a 2v2 instead of just using her R and Q and W and waiting for them to come back up . In the void of long lane cooldowns she can now actually cast her E in a skirmish and have it contribute to the fight! Amazing! Maybe that's not the greatest or the most balanced idea, but it's something I came up with off the top of my head in a few seconds. I'm sure if we put our heads together we can find a way to make Sona useful, thus making her fun, and turning this rework into a success. If we can, as a community who loves Sona, come up with a **really great idea **in this thread and Riot still ignores us, then **that's on them for not caring about their customers' opinions**. I know LOL is a free game but I'm willing to bet many of us here have spent a good deal of money on this game. Otherwise we wouldn't spend our time writing large forum posts and participating in the PBE if we didn't care. So please Riot consider our feedback.
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