I have to hand it to you, Riot...

These season 8 rune changes are honestly the first time I've been pleased and excited for some preseason changes since I got here (mid season 4). I have to admit, when I first heard what you guys were doing this season, I was freaked out and I thought you would absolutely ruin the game, for more than one reason. I thought early game would be painful. I just knew that there was going to be one or two completely busted runes and everything else would be irrelevant. I was wrong. Nothing seems overly busted like things were when keystones first came out. People only ran thunderlords. lol. That being said, there are some things that need to be tweaked (i think dark harvest is too strong, arcane comet too weak, some scalings should be looked at, etc.) but overwhelmingly, everything is fun and balanced. Even for support mains!! The marksman update, juggernauts, keystones... all that stuff was so frustrating to deal with when you first released it. Even after its run on the PBE. My favorite thing about all of it is the variety you can have even with the same champ. Nothing is a must take, super meta kind of thing. Also, your decision to open up the PBE the way you have to high honor players is freaking AWESOME. i've been trying to get here for like 2 years. Congratulations, Riot and thank you.
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