New Darius against Fiora

Hello! {{champion:122}} early game power was shifted towards mid-late game. I understand that. But tell me guys. How am I supposed to stay against new {{champion:114}} ? * She procs her passive very easily on immobile Darius. * 0.75 seconds Decimate now deal literally 0 damage untill rank 5 and it really easy to dodge/block by her Ripost. * Crippling Strike is also very predictable since attack speed is really low after rework. Good bye AS slow tho * Bloodrage passive isn't going to work because she will burst him down really-really fast. * Noxian Guillotine deals around 260 ((100 + 40 x 0,75) x2) **!with bloodrage!** instead 320 (160+2) **!base!** and it's also really easy to predict with W. I understand everyone have their couter picks but let's have a look to old Darius. He countered most melee champions but they at least had some counterplay (Stay back, try to farm and wait untill he falls off). New Fiora is going outscale new Darius anyway (Even if he doesnt die in lane). He builds a lot of HP - she deals true damage max HP % damage. Armor items got nerfed to the ground. Jungler's ganks won't help here as well. Early game Darius is lack of damage and he will be sitting under turret at low HP surrounded by minion's waves. (Don't forget abount counter ganks). He reminds me Nasus. But Nasus got AS/MS slow for 4 second. Just use it and run away like a boss. P.S He will struggle hard against any champion he used to dominate pre-rework. This is really sad. At least make Decimate more powerful when you manage to hit it. 20+1.0 AD (70 AD.) what nonsence is this? How about 50+1.0 AD? 120 damage first level. Almost the same as old one. (105.5 + 1.05 bonus AD) But now you have to aim it well. Rework without "too many dramatical changes" they said.
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