Fighters, bruisers, duelists, split pushers, the loss of Fervor of Battle and Press the Attack

I want to talk about the topics aforementioned in the title. I feel like Fervor of Battle was such a good mastery for every type of fighter and it gave champions the raw power to fight both tanks and carries, but now that it's getting removed from the game, those archetypes will get nothing in return, especially duelists and split pushers. Most will probably switch to Press the Attack, but I feel like this rune is ultimately inferior to Fervor of Battle in all aspects with one little exception: it gives ridiculous amounts of bonus damage to your teammates (kinda like Ardent Censer did). This means in a 1v1 situation, PtA can't even reach it's full potential, the solo damage has to be gated, so short trades in-lane will barely tickle and certain bruisers and duelists will be forced to teamfight rather than split push. Another issue comes in small skirmishes, since PtA works only on one target, target switching will result in reduced dps, whereas with Fervor you wouldn't lose anything in the same fight when you switch targets. It's also painfully hard for certain champions to re-apply PtA on a second target (Fiora can just q+aa even if her e is on cd, which would normally make PtA stack instantly, whereas a champion like Renekton is deeply fucked if his w is on cd). As far as numbers go, 12% bonus dmg is pretty nice if you're facing a tank, but against a carry champion with low hp, once again, it can't even compare with how good Fervor was. I don't even think that there will be many champions that would rather have 18% bonus attack speed from the Precision tree, instead of getting some extra ad, since most duelists rely on abilities, aa resets and aa cancel (one thing I have to admit though it's that i love how you can use Precision + Resolve to get ridiculous amounts of tenacity, that is indeed very nice). I don't even know if fighters and duelists are supposed to take this rune, it might look good against tanks but even in this case it's (again) worse than Fervor since that mastery had better synergy with champions that scale off of ad (ex: Fiora, Darius, Rek'sai which have true dmg in their kit that gets increased by bonus ad, whereas PtA will increase their dmg by a fat 0). And it's not like they have any other choice, the second best rune would be probably Electrocute (which won't even be that good in lane due to a ridiculous long cd), and that would only bring back the release tld meta with more poke going around the rift (there's also lethal tempo for champions that rely exclusively on auto-attacks but because of the 1.5 seconds delay, it will be as viable as current Rageblade is on melees). Even support tanks like Nunu might use PtA because they will have more time and resources to apply the debuff. Besides the split pushers and duelists being at disadvantage, one of my biggest concerns are the adcs that use Lethal Tempo coupled with PtD users (or even mages, since PtD has to be an Expose Weakness on steroids). Let's face it, PtD might become the second coming of Ardent Censer, but this time everyone gets the bonus dmg, not only the adcs. In this situation PtA will not only be a self damage boost, but also a buff to all your teammates and it might be also taken on supports like Lulu, Janna or Kayle coupled with Ardent Censer (since they have improved aa's and Censer now gives attack speed to the enchanter too). Another possibility is that some junglers will become knock-off Iverns and only be picked to use PtA in multiple places on the map. One such champion is Rek'sai, which loses between 100 and 200 dmg on her basic combo with PtA but will probably get more than that from fighting with her teammates. This is not likely an outcome I'd love to see since up until now, we've had too many junglers forced to play a more supportive role (Knights Vow sends it's regards), pushing aggressive champions out of the meta due to multiple reasons. Maybe the catch-up experience changes will prevent this, but it doesn't change the fact that PtA gives other champions way too much strength for no reason. tl;dr: Press the Attack gives weak single target damage, has low synergy, bad application for fighters and might give everyone else too much damage for free. I am perfectly aware that PtA is probably not even intended to be taken on fighters and it's probably meant to be taken on adcs that don't build on-hit, but the truth is that fighters have absolutely no better choice. I know that it's technically the preseason already and things will get changed, but I feel like this has to be said and if Fervor got a better substitute than PtA, it would be significantly easier to balance champions that lack an appropriate keystone. I am curious what others think but it's clear that in this case, tinkering with numbers is not as productive as improving the design and I hope that bruisers and duelists will get some love before the season 8 starts.
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