Blue vs Purple team side.

Hello, since it's been already alot of discussed about that, what I'am gonna tell you. This post is just to see what you guys are thinking out, and maybe some rioters could see this also, that would be very good in my opinion. This thing is only my opinion, and I don't wanna insult someone, I also highly want to know what you are thinking, so lets go straight to the thing: As from tittle you can understand I wanna to talk about, blue and purple teams. For example in my opinion blue team has bigger chances to win, if we talk about poke champions like gragas or nidalee, they have more chances to hit their q's, also better gameplay, because I don't know, me, and my friends, everyone that I know, says that blue team view is better then purple. So I thought, Riot could make people the same view, or option to choose between purple or blue view you want, just see: Purple team has same view as blue, but they see blue team on this side ->, and blue team has the blue team view, but they also see purple team from this side ->. Maybe it may cause some bugs, but I don't think so, If everything done right It shouldn't cost any problems, well I don't know its only my opinion, thats why iam writing it, so I wanna to get your feedback about this thing, best of wishes, have a nice day. Also small statistics page: And also poll, choose which you like more, and write opinion about this, thanks!
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