Enchantment Magus vs. Runeglaive

--- **Magus:** * 80 AP * 20% Cooldown reduction **Runeglaive:** * 40 AP * 200 Mana * 10% Cooldown Reduction * UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, the next basic attack is converted into magic damage and deals 75% Base Attack Damage (+30% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage on hit in an AoE around the target (1.5 second cooldown). When attacking a monster, this also restores 6% of your missing Mana. --- I'd like to discuss the changes that come along with this Magus replacement. From looking at the stats that Runeglaive provides, it is quite clear to see that this new enchantment is focused more towards AP junglers that will benefit with these two things: * Mana + Mana Regeneration * Lich Bane-ish Passive At the expense of: * 40 AP * 10% Cooldown Reduction --- Based on these changes I'd like to assume that Riot is giving a much needed buff to AP champions that rely primarily on AA's (Diana, Nidalee, Cho'Gath, Ekko, Teemo, FIzz etc.) to clear jungle camps and at the same time suffer from mana regeneration issues. While I'm not against the introduction of Runeglaive, I am completely against the idea of removing the Magus enchantment from the game. **Warning: I am a Fiddlesticks main so there MAY be some slight bias here, even though I am trying to be as objective as possible** My problem with removing the Magus enchantment has to do with Riot's core goal this season which is: **DIVERSITY!** The removal of the Magus enchantment, while providing a decent buff to auto-attack reliant junglers, presents a decent nerf to those AP junglers that are less reliant on auto-attacks to clear their way through the jungle and more reliant on their abilities. These champions will have to face longer clear times as they have will 40 less AP and must wait 10% longer to use their abilities. While there are multiple enchantments for different styles of AD junglers (**Devourer** = AA reliant, **Warrior** = more ability based), I see no reason to restrict AP junglers to a certain type of style. Where is the diversity in this? --- **Outside of the jungle** As an AP mage, my primary objective is not to get down and dirty in fights and ganks, but rather use my abilities and play around my cooldowns. There are a select few champions that will benefit from the Runeglaive passive and those are the ones that currently purchase Lich Banes and/or other auto-attack modifiers. There is **nothing wrong** with keeping Runeglaive an option for those champions! But why do this at the expense of other less auto-attack reliant AP junglers? The 10% CDR and 40 AP are a big hit to them. I would really think it would be healthy for the diversity of the game if both enchantments were made available rather than the removal/addition of just one. --- I would love any feedback from a Riot employee(s) on their thoughts about these item enchantments. Thanks!
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