Is this Ahri Splash Going to Live Anyway?

Every day marks another day closer to the next patch going live. Every day I'm on Surrender@20 hoping there's a sign that the splash will be reverted back to the original, but each time, nothing. Please, I'm begging you, don't send it out. This is still the same art that caused an immediate backlash, only changed slightly, except for the face which is significantly worse than the last version. I've already offered my thoughts on both versions when they came out, and now I'm going to be desperately frank here: she's ugly now, she's still in some swamp-like area rather than an Ionian forest, that pose isn't seductive at all, and she is supposed to be an alluring character - nothing about that art is alluring. Compare the other Ahri skin splashes to the new one. The new base splash looks like a completely different champion! I don't know what happened after Knockwurst left Riot, but every version of Ahri I've seen since has looked different, almost like the artists didn't know how she looked (especially in A New Dawn.) Now that he's back, get him to work on it. Ahri players would be very grateful if the original artist was the one who worked on it. EDIT: On a more positive note, that Challenger Ahri splash looks fking gorgeous.
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