New Mundo W: Weirdness

The changes to Mundo's W are causing some...weird interactions with things that make it less of a fancy buff than it looks like, while also making it sorta abusive in other ways. To list things I immediately discovered: {{item:1054}} : gets repeatedly triggered over and over (kind of makes the cost nil even early on.) {{item:3083}} : gets disabled repeatedly as long as your W is on (renders it significantly more pointless, which is a shame.) {{item:3194}} : works with his W, causing a double-dip of increased MR and the passive on mitigating the damage it does (I suspect this was intentional.) {{item:3053}} : counts to trigger the effect (though it ticks for so little it barely matters.) {{item:3211}} : triggers the passive. {{item:3109}} : I didn't test it, but I suspect if someone (for whatever reason) put it on Mundo, they'd take some of the damage for him. {{item:3146}} : Can probably vamp off of himself (which is...weird.) {{item:3102}} :Likely stops this from recharging. {{item:3117}} :Disables the bonus movement speed. {{item:3092}} : Untested, might trigger the gold effect (potentially really abusive with just the Spellthief's {{item:3116}} : Slows Mundo every tick (lol) {{item:3285}} : Untested, can probably trigger on himself (would be interesting to see if it hurts other enemies or allies when this happens.) It also will stop Recall, and it removes the Homeguard buff (however you happen to get it.) Additonally, it also will set off the Unyielding mastery repeatedly off cooldown (rendering it rather useless.) While I didn't test this (and it would be hard to do), I suspect it also is affected on yourself by things like the Sorcery mastery, Battle Trance/Bounty Hunter/Double-Edged Sword (making it hurt you doubly moreso), and maybe Expose Weakness (i.e. you debuff _yourself_ and make enemies hit you harder.) I recognize that these changes just got put up, but I didn't see any other posts about it, so I figured I'd compile a little list. P.S. Is there a way to link the icons for stuff like Masteries and Recall? I couldn't find a way besides going and grabbing them via. links off of places like the wiki.
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