Why is Riot silent about Kindred Visuals?

Ive seen many posts on complaints about visuals being quite far off and most of it is simple, teeth just change texture color for a lazy fix and adding small ears could be the least that could be done. But what I dont get is why theres no reply from Riot that I see about it? I just saw the spotlight released and nothing has been done and I wish we got at least some excuse or something about it not getting done. Its just really upsetting that all this consistent feedback got zero response and makes it feel like the feedback for visuals was for nothing and even bugs appearing in the spotlight video, I dont know why there is PBE at points. I dont get why ask for champion feedback, say no to lots of balance changes (I can get that to a point) but then nothing with visuals is done. Why ask for feedback when it meant nothing for all comments to mention same thing and just ignore it.
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