Once again Katarina gets the short end of the stick

So Rengar can do 500 damage just by jumping on someone and Qing them, Leblanc can E someone and proc her passive with no effort and Talon can W Q someone for insane damage but Katarina needs to set up her engage? Do you guys just hate her or something? Sure she can do loads of damage if you set her up right. But any intelligent person would know to stay away from her daggers when they're on the ground. Like you guys wanted to delay her burst but Talon and Rengar can still oneshot. While Leblanc and Kat are the only ones with delayed burst. You've always shafted the AP Assassins so I shouldn't be surprised. Rengars counterplay is that if he's near you, then he's revealed. But that's only when he's already in jump range. So you're basically saying that in order to properly counter rengar your entire team needs to stay huddled together like fucking pansies because not only does he do a shit ton of damage but he also has a cleanse on his W. Good job riot, Good job.
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