FINALLY his heal is not useless to level and you may actually want to level it after Dazzle is maxed now and even possibly 2 early points before maxing Dazzle. For balancing I would buff the heal a little since it got nerfed for a heal that was already pretty weak, and by pretty weak i mean super weak especially since that is all that it does, besides for triggering his passive. Increase the base heal to 40 from 30 (so 200 max at 5 charges from 150) and maybe a little love to the AP ratio to give more of a viable option of Ardent Censer or Athene's Unholy Grail if he wanted to get them (they will never become a core purchase for Taric, but creating the option is never a bad thing). And/or have the two heals overlap if two units get struck by both heals, it would also add to Taric's protector theme.
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