Gnarzir - Perfect Wombo???

Hey Summoners! I think we might have accidentally stumbled upon one of the greatest wombos since Yasuo (with preferably anyone with a cc knock up) Gnar and Azir. This dynamic duo has been seen alot recently and i love it because they have been around for such a short time and i love the champions and are happy to see people playing them {{champion:150}} +{{champion:268}} = Complete Domination. Once you have Azir's ultimate up and he shoves you back , {{champion:150}} can easily follow up and CC you with his ult w and button smashing awesomeness meanwhile on the other end of the soldiers stands {{champion:268}} and he also cc's on you with his Q and auto attacks. This combo can also be flipped to where Gnar throws the enemies into the are Azir is in and he ults causing complete chaos on the map. Talk about a Teamfight!
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