So after playing rework Xerath for a bit i thought i would give my opinion of him. **Passive** His new passive's goal seems to be the same as those of Lux, Orianna, and Ziggs; in that it is to provide incentive to not just sit back spamming spells from a safe distance. However Lux, Orianna, and Ziggs passives make it desirable to be in AA range in order to maximize their damage, while Xerath's passive, coupled with high mana costs, makes it necessary to be around AA range in order to avoid running out of mana, causing it to feel more like a nerf to him rather than a useful passive. **Q** Overall his new Q is fine except its long charge up makes it rather predictable and the slow makes it poor for pursuing or a finishing snipe. My suggestion to fix this would be to make it charge faster and change the slow to a snare to compensate, plus the speed you move at now is rather pointless anyway. **W** Not much to say about this one, it seems to work well and fit nicely. **E** This ability feels rather poor. Its slow movement speed, hit box, and minion block make it rather unreliable at the distance you want to be using it. This means its really only reliable if your being jumped on when the stun would last for the shortest time. To be honest Xerath's live E would work alot better with his new kit instead of the new stun. **R** This is probably my biggest gripe with the new kit. Overall it just feels disjointed and unsatisfying. First its massive range and how easy it is to be interrupted makes it unsuitable to be used when the enemy is withing range of the rest of your kit, making it only seem useful to use if the enemy escapes. Also it is unsatisfying to kill someone with it because if you hit them it feels more like you succeeded do to their error of failing to dodge rather than your ability to carefully aim. Overall I personally find the xerath rework to be rather non-cohesive with the pairing of his ult and the rest of his kit, and also to be less fun and satisfying to use than live xerath. What are your thoughts?
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