Braum Questions+Feedback

Just preface this with that I really love Braum. Everything about him is awesome. Feedback I dunno what it was, but I felt like his single target damage is really high. I don't really know why his Q scales with max HP instead of bonus HP tbh, which seems to really increase it's damage by a considerable amount early on. It might of just been a skill difference, but I was able to top lane and smack a Vladimir up. I also don't really understand his mana costs. His skill shot gets a pretty high cost, but his W and E which I would think would require more commitment into resources are a lower cost. Questions 1. Can you cancel his W? I noticed it only gives the resists upon arrival, so can the gapcloser be interrupted and prevent the resist bonus? 2. What's the knockup duration for secondary targets hit by his ult? It only says "briefly" so I'm assuming it's something like .5-.25 seconds.
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