@Riot Is Blade of the Ruined King not receiving attention during preseason?

It's been more than a season since the item was overnerfed, by Rioters' own admittance. Now that Youmuu's Ghostblade is becoming a poor choice for many early focused champions, especially those who used to rely on BotRK when it was viable, many people including me were expecting to see changes, power redistribution, price revisions, mechanic alterations on BotRK during preseason. Are you guys satisfied with the state of BotRK? Why hasn't there been recognition that the item was abandoned by the champions that had it as core ever since patch 5.22? Ezreal is the only champion to consistenly build BotRK since it's the mathematically best option for Q damage as a third item. I'd be deeply disappointed if there wasn't *something* on the table for the item that didn't leave it to collect dust for another full season.
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