My opinion on tank changes as a diamond top lane tank player

The jungle tank item I just too damn effitient compared to other tank items. In a full build situation, it gives the 350 base HP with around 600-700 bonus if you build a lot of health, outclassing Warmogs health for cheaper. Sure you might not get the regen that warmogs give, but combined with warmogs, you become a regening monster with a LOT of hp. On top of that, it does twice the damage sunfire does. It is pretty easy to get the damage ramped up, si it ramps ups as you're taking and dealing damage, dealing 66 magic damage per second, which is 23 more than sunfire. The Bonus hp part might have to be reduced to something like 20% or it will be too efficient and the DoT would need to be either 10 + champion level or give sunfire the same mechanic where it scales up in damage the longer you are in a fight with lower DoT (ex: 20 + champions level, increases up to 75% extra damage or something like that) to make sunfire more competitive of an item while also helping laning tanks. In its current state, it is almost worth it to take smite as a top laner just for purpose of doing a camp lvl 1 and buying this item since it's so damn good. Other than that, the champion changes were pretty good, same with the ZZrot/Glory changes which will become more competitive, but sunfire is greatly outclassed by every tank items in the game in this current patch.
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