[ Suggestion ] Remove T1 and T2 runes permanently + low level matchmaking changes

Hello, First of all, I want to say that I'm playing League since early season 3, so I feel that I'm qualified to talk in this matter. Now, that being put aside, I'm not planning to make this a long thread (which I usually do), I will try to make this as short and easy to understand as possible. *** T1 and T2 runes are waste of IP** Sorry, but that is a fact, especially with the new, faster leveling, method that Riot implemented recently. For those who don't know, Summoner leveling up time from 1-30 level has been halved, which is pretty much self explanatory, the time you spent before to level up your summoner account from 1-30 is now halved, for example, if you leveled your account in 1 month, you will be able to do that in 15 days now. That being said, T1 and T2 runes are now even more useless than before, since you gonna reach level 20 even sooner. I could name more reasons why we don't need those T1 and T2 runes, but like I said before, I'm not going to make this thread long. *** Level 1-19 seperate matchmaking queue** This is something I thought about some time already. I still want to make this thread as short as possible so here is few points. **1. New players has better gaming experience, also higher chance of fair match ups. (Only higher, because smurfs still gonna exsist). 2. New players won't be matched against premades like, for example, level 10 and Diamond, Gold, Platinum, you name it. And ruin the game experience for the new inexperienced players, that would get completely rekt by those higher elo players. 3. Non exsistent T1 and T2 runes would make game fair and balanced for all beginners. ** These are few of my points, how it should be better experience for newcomers to League. Also, when they reach level 20, they can now buy T3 runes and then, they would step into usual, harsh, League environment that exist at the moment. By having those higher elo premades, having T3 runes and game experience that slowly prepares them for rankeds. I think that this is legit idea, also keep in mind, I touched only the surface in this matter, I'm always available for deeper discussions. Feel free to comment and write your own thoughts.
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